Become partners in the innovative digitalization of menus!

Offer your costumers an added value and expand your recognition

Are you a brand that wants to offer its loyal customers unique promotional material? Then we at enjoi digital menus are the ideal partner for you. Together with you, we will set a model of cooperation and help expand the recognition of your brands, while offering your customers an outstanding solution. For inquiries about cooperating with us, additional questions and information on our business guidelines, contact us at

Digital menus will change the dynamics of catering for the better – join us on this journey!

Key facts when partnering with us

  • Digital menus according to your brands graphic image

    Increase the recognition of your brands

    We will adapt our digital menus to the graphic images of your brands, and at the same time design excess material such as stickers and QR code stands with you, which will carry your branding. This supports your visibility both digitally and physically.

  • Create effective promotion of your brands through digital menus

    Promote your brand and trademarks

    As part of the partnership, we will enable you to highlight current innovations in your brands. By doing so, you will achieve organic awareness while presenting your offering to a wide range of customers.

    Promote your brands in Restaurants, bars, hotels, events,..

  • Digital menus will serve as a breakthourgh for your brands

    A new, pervasive, advertising channel

    With innovative approaches, we enable you new advertising channels. In addition to the existing promotional material at your locations, you will be able to further upgrade the latter with digital menus. As part of the digital menus application, you will be able to present novelties and the offer of your brands in sponsored locations. You will achieve this with various pop-ups that appear when you open the menu, branding the look of the sponsored menu, and push notifications to effectively inform the public.

  • The digital menu will enable customers to do better business with catering establishments

    Become an added value to your customers

    The digital menu will provide your valued customers with better efficiency, a better user experience and a high level of hygiene. Because we believe your customers mean the most to you, offer them the best solution to digitize their offerings.

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  • Digital menu analytics and guest data aggregation

    Get to know your costumers and their habits

    Through our analytical tools, you will get to know the visitors of restaurants / bars in detail and thus further improve your advertising. We will report guest data of your licensed partners in an aggregated form for you, which will give a clear view of the wishes and habits of your guests.